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Ways You Can Give

Donation Opportunities
Fall 2013 Dinners
Clean Water For Children in Bonke
Emergency In Pakistan
Clean Water For Burundi
Educate Children In Bangladesh
Medicine For Honduran Children
A Big Harvest In Congo
Run For Water
Free Families From Poverty
Help For Cambodians
Hope For Children
Medical Supplies to South Sudan
Self-Reliance in Guatemala
Gifts of Hope Catalogue
Philippines Recovery Effort
Haiti Recovery Effort
Educate Children in Peru
Save Lives In Sudan
Help Children In Cambodia
Self Reliance in the Dominican Republic
Help Families In The Philippines
Clean Water For Guatemala
Rescue Filipino Children
Privacy Policy

Projects and Programs

Clean Water and Sanitation
  Clean Water in the Philippines
  Clean Water For South Sudan

Sustainable Agriculture
  Dry Rice Farming
  Cambodia Gardens of Hope

Education and Literacy
  Rescuing Kids in Jhenidah
  Building a Better Future
  Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
  Education Saves Lives
  Saving Ethiopian Orphans
  Education in the Philippines
  Saving Children in Manchay Peru

HIV/AIDS Prevention
  Care For Orphans
  Aklilu's Story
  Kalkidan's Story
  Helping Orphans in Ethiopia

Emergencies and Rehabilitation
  Medical Supplies in Sudan
  Emergency Care Packages Sudan
  Help Sri Lankans Rebuild
  Earthquake Emergency in Haiti

  Self Help Groups
  Partnership Over Poverty
  Village Health Funds Cambodia

Women and Gender


Watch Latest Hope Videos
  Hope In The Philippines
  Hope In Haiti
  Hope In The Congo
  A Thirst For Africa
  The Journey of a Promise
  Watch Children of Hope Video
  Long Road Home
  The Journey of Hope Continues
  Life After The Tsunami

About Us

Annual Reports
  2012 Annual Report
    Faces of Hope
    A Lasting Relationship
    A World Of Hope 2012
    Gabriela's Story
  2012 Financial Summary
  2011 Financial Summary
  2010 Financial Summary
  2009 Financial Summary
  2008 Financial Summary
  2007 Financial Summary
  2006 Financial Summary
  2005 Financial Summary
  2004 Financial Summary
  2003 Financial Summary
  2002 Financial Summary
  2001 Financial Summary
  2000 Financial Summary

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  Helping Ethiopian Orphans
  Helping Ethiopian Families
  Watch Children of Hope Video


The Philippines
  Education for Children
  Education for Young People


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UNION Current Opportunities
  Cambodia 2014 Team
  Dominican Republic 2014 Team

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