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About HOPE International Development Agency in Hong Kong

HOPE International Development Agency is an international development agency extending help to the poorest of the poor worldwide. First established in Canada in 1975, we accomplish our mission by enabling people in the developed world to connect with people in the poorest communities on earth through compassionate giving and other opportunities to help.

HOPE International Development Agency HK was established at the request of supporters in Hong Kong and exists to improve the supply of basic human necessities for the neediest of the needy in the developing world through self-help activities, and to challenge, educate, and involve people in Hong Kong regarding development issues.

With the generous help of White & Case Law Firm, who donated their services for the legal process of being established, and other partners such as the Conrad Hotel, who are partnering with us in raising funds, we have been able to establish an effective local team led by volunteer director Jonny Tate.

Steadfast stewardship of donations
We carefully steward every donation. We know it's important to you and it's important to us that we send the vast majority of funds overseas so that people get the help they need in order to transform their lives and free themselves from poverty.

Our work is people oriented
We extend a helping hand to the poorest of the poor so they can regain their self-sufficiency, or in cases of disaster, survive and recover.

The outcomes are long-term and self-sustaining
Our work creates long-term, self-sustaining benefits for people by teaching them income generating skills and further developing family and community infrastructures, like clean water, education, vocational training, sustainable agriculture practices, disease prevention, revolving loan funds and community planning methods.

Community driven
Any changes to a community must be spearheaded by the community. We do not ‘do’ charity to a community. When we help a community to install clean water systems, we are doing exactly that: helping a community to do it themselves. They approach us, and we assist them to make the changes that they have identified as being important.

Taking the time to educate people
‘Make haste slowly.' This is an old African expression, and it applies perfectly to our work with the poor. In our work, educating the people to maintain their own systems is a very important priority. It takes longer to educate, but it means the work will have been worthwhile.

People driven solutions
Entrepreneurial campaigns that promise rapid change are very appealing. People love the idea that a new product will suddenly and substantially change the quality of life for the poor. They will believe this to the tune of millions of dollars. Sometimes technological innovations do help out the poor. But by and large, what really seems to help the poor is a harder sell: conscientious, people-driven, simple solutions paired with plenty of education.

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