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More than 21 million lives changed since 1975!

In 2015, donors expressed their confidence in our efforts by helping more than 760,000 of the world's poorest people grow more food, drink clean water, raise animals for milk, meat, and farming, start small businesses, protect their environment, be healthier, and continue to learn new skills as both children and adults.

Initiatives included providing families with access to clean water, education, training, micro-credit loans, income development, agricultural training, and community development to name a few.

HOPE International Development Agency HK is currently focused on bringing positive change to the poorest of the poor living in the Philippines and Cambodia.

Bringing lasting change to the Philippines

HOPE International Development Agency has a long-term commitment to the people of the Philippines. One example and result of this commitment is the incredible transformation achieved in the lives of Indigenous Peoples on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao, and particularly, providing indigenous young people with an education at the Pamulaan Centre.

At the centre of the work is clean water, which is the beginning of real change and real development. But additionally, through investments in elementary and college education, training in health care, sustainable agriculture and food security, communities are taking control of their own futures and becoming self-sufficient.

Most recently, our work among families in the Philippines included education, skills development, primary, secondary and college education, spring capping to provide clean water, sustainable agriculture training, and emergency relief in the aftermath of Typhoon Bopha and Typhoon Haiyan.

Transforming lives in Cambodia

The poorest families of Pursat, Cambodia have endured far more than we can imagine. In many cases, a family’s journey toward self-reliance begins with clean water, and continues with education, improved food production, and the formation of groups of villagers committed to helping each other.

Most recently, our work among Cambodian families included clean water wells, health education, women’s self-help groups, low interest small business loans, biosand water purification filters, cow and buffalo loan banks, dry season rice farming, village health funds, medicines and supplies, and sanitation education.

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