Not being able to see hasn’t dampened the spirit of men and women with visual disabilities in Sri Lanka. Yet there is one obstacle that they have not been able to overcome – earning a reliable income.

A gift from you will help enable men and women with visual disabilities to start and successfully run small businesses, making products such as bricks, rattan chairs, braided rope, vegetables, and ground flour. The income from their new businesses will enable people with visual disabilities to lift themselves out of poverty.


Before joining a self-help group, Elfinish did not have the knowledge or resources needed to improve her family’s quality of life. After receiving training and a small loan from the group’s loan savings fund, Elfinish opened a small shop attached to her home, selling tea and small household items.

Inspired by her success, Elfinish then invested her profit back into her business and purchased a sewing machine which she uses to create beautiful dresses and other clothing that she sells at the market and shop.


After The Typhoon
Nearly one million people were affected by a massive typhoon that struck the Philippine island of Mindanao in the last days of 2017. While many families have received assistance, more needs to be done to help with the recovery effort that began in the days following the disaster.

Thousands of families continue to struggle and need help to fully recover. A gift of $50 will help replace items destroyed or swept away during the storm, such as food, drinking water, bedding, cooking supplies, hygiene items, and shelter.



You can help provide clean water to families in southern Ethiopia. Having clean water available in the community will enable parents to invest time in becoming self-reliant. Women will participate in self-help groups where they will learn how to establish and run small businesses that generate consistent income. Children will be able to go to school rather than spend their days searching for water with their mothers.


Millions of people continue to experience hunger. Nearly 1 million people are on the brink of famine. With 1 in 3 people having fled their villages because of conflict and hunger, the crisis continues. Your gift will provide life-saving food as well as tools and seeds that will enable families to plant their own food sources as the rainy season begins.


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    Donate to help people gain access to clean water, nutritious food, good health, education, and income generating skills.

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    Provide monthly support for an orphaned or disadvantaged child, a family, or an entire community.

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    Read a story of hope from South Sudan where lives have been transformed.

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Low administration is only one part of our story.

Every dollar counts because every person counts. The real story is in the outcomes your donations create for the poorest of the poor.

The impact of your gift continues year after year.

One gift from you keeps on giving for years to come as people share what they've learned with others in their community.

We're committed to the poor and to you.

Self-reliance for the poorest of the poor and accountability to you. These two things matter most to us.

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