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In addition to our continuing work in clean water, food security and livelihoods, HOPE is directing special funding to urgent efforts to protect families, sending more support to purchase urgently needed food stuffs, shipping more containers of medical supplies to communities experiencing chronic shortages and helping distribute masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and soap in displaced persons camps. Learn More...

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Extreme poverty isn’t a lack of character; it’s a lack of opportunity. Whether you give clean water, food security or livelihood development, your gift provides the opportunity for families to start their journey out of poverty.



All HOPE International public fundraising events are postponed because of health guidance regarding COVID-19.



Building on a legacy of 25 million lives changed through 45 years of helping people experiencing extreme poverty create solutions, HOPE donors continue to foster a hopeful future for millions more people.


Low administration is only one part of our story.

Every dollar counts because every person counts. The real story is in the outcomes your donations create for the poorest of the poor. Read our most recent Annual Report.

The impact of your gift continues year after year.

One gift from you keeps on giving for years to come as people share what they've learned with others in their community.

We're committed to the poor and to you.

Self-reliance for the poorest of the poor and accountability to you. These two things matter most to us.

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