• Clean Water

    Reduce sickness and loss of life by giving clean water to families right in their communities.

  • Food Sufficiency

    Reduce hunger and create self-reliance by helping families grow more food.

  • Health Education

    Prevent disease and loss of life by providing health training, care, and support.

  • Learning & Skills

    Lift children and adults out of poverty by giving them education and skills training.

  • Income Generation

    Help families become self-reliant through training and support that creates income.

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HOPE International Development Agency

Special October Appeal:
Save children in South Sudan

A gift of just $25 will help a child gain access to clean water, education, and hygiene training.
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Help families in Ethiopia become self-reliant

A gift of just $45 can help families struggling to survive in Ethiopia grow food, earn income, and become self-reliant.
Read about how you can help

Be a part of helping 1 million of the world's neglected poor drink clean water, grow more food,
improve their health, go to school, and earn enough income to become self-reliant this year.

Read our most recent annual report

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    Donate to help people gain access to clean water, nutritious food, good health, education, and income generating skills.

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    Provide monthly support for an orphaned or disadvantaged child, a family, or an entire community and free them from poverty.

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    Read stories of hope from South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo where lives have been transformed.

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Low administration is only one part of our story.

Every dollar counts because every person counts. The real story is in the outcomes your donations create for the poorest of the poor.

The impact of your gift continues year after year.

One gift from you keeps on giving for years to come as people share what they've learned with others in their community.

We're committed to the poor and to you.

Self-reliance for the poorest of the poor and accountability to you. These two things matter most to us.