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Clean water for families in South Sudan

Clean water for families living in South Sudan remains a significant challenge as many mothers continue to gather drinking water from shallow, hand-dug pits full of debris, parasites, and disease.

The Situation:

Mothers and children wake up well before sunrise to begin the daily ten-kilometer trek across the barren lands to the nearest hand-dug watering pit.

They arrive at the water pit worn out and thirsty. But there’s no water to found, at least not yet. It will take another 12 hours for the muddy hand-dug pit to fill with enough water to fill the single 20-litre jug they have carried on the long journey.

Families are suffering as a result of being forced to drink contaminated water - there simply isn't any clean water to be had in this harsh environment. As a result, one in every five children do not reach their fifth birthday.

What HOPE International Development Agency donors are supporting:

Jessalyn Jacob is living proof that clean water transforms and saves lives.

Before we drilled a water well in her village of Wiro, South Sudan, the 3,000 residents of her village suffered terribly. Water-borne diseases ran rampant throughout the village and suffering and death were all too common occurrences.

Jessalyn was one of the mothers who used to trek to a local water pit and more often than not, spend the night sleeping on the ground, waiting for the tiny pit to fill with enough water to fill her water jug.

The Result:

Today, Jessalyn and her family have clean water to drink. She is still amazed that clean water is available, right in her village. “The water is clean… like the water that comes in bottles,” says Jessalyn.

When Jessalyn thinks about what life was like before the arrival of clean water in her village, she recalls, “The only problem we thought about day and night was water. With barely enough water to drink, we never had enough water for bathing, washing clothes, or even cooking. Sadly, women who had just given birth would have to wait two or three days before they were able to clean themselves.”

Today, Jessalyn and her family drink clean water everyday, gathered at a hand-powered water pump in Wiro. There is ample water for bathing, washing clothes, and cooking. Rates of water-borne disease continue to fall.


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