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Clean water for children in the Philippines

Children throughout Mindanao Province in the Philippines become sick and die even though the clean water they need is just beneath their feet.

The Situation:

If the thought of young children drinking water gathered from ditches and ponds where oxen and dogs bathe makes you feel sick, imagine how the children feel.
In addition to being incredibly poor, the Lumad do not have access to clean water. Life-threatening diseases, like dysentery, are rampant among the Lumad people of Mindanao Province in the Philippines.
Clean water - enough to serve the villages of Mindanao for years to come - is just beneath the feet of the Lumad people and their precious children.
People are sick and dying simply because they lack the knowledge and relatively modest financial resources needed in order to bring the clean water to the surface.

What HOPE International Development Agency donors are supporting:

  • Hand excavation of an underground water spring flowing with clean water
  • Construction of sturdy concrete containers to collect and protect the water at the source of the spring head
  • Laying of kilometers of pipe to transport the clean water from the spring head to the reservoirs for distribution
  • Construction of large concrete above-ground reservoirs to store the clean water so it can be distributed to families
  • Building of a modest distribution system that brings the clean water to points throughout the village

The Result:

  • Disease and death rates have fallen dramatically - within weeks of the completion of the clean water system
  • Families are able to plant small vegetable gardens and supply themselves with food that is far more nutritious than the roots and other plants they were scavenging from the forest
  • The excess harvest from their vegetable gardens is sold at local markets, generating income that is used to buy life’s necessities and send children to school
  • Mothers and children no longer make the dangerous trek through the forests and hills in search of water

An abundant supply of clean water from the new water systems is making it possible for families to improve and protect their health, save their children from needless suffering, grow nutritious vegetables in small gardens, and focus on improving every aspect of village life.


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