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Chiche, Guatemala - Helping families keep their land and become self-reliant.

Displaced families in Guatemala’s Chiché province have managed to find new land on which to live and farm, yet their future remains far from certain.

The families need help securing legal title to the land they now live on and farm. Without it, they remain highly vulnerable and risk losing everything again, including the ability to grow food and earn income.

The families also need to learn new, more effective ways of nurturing the soil, growing crops, and storing the harvests for use later on or for sale to generate a reliable source of income.

What you can do today
A gift of $60, $120, or more will help families secure legal title to their land, learn better ways of farming, improve harvests, and build grain silos to store their harvests.

Freedom from poverty is possible for the poorest families of Guatemala’s Chiché province, but they need our help to do so.


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