HOPE International Development Agency videos give you a glimpse into life in the developing world.


In this brief video, Shahid updates HOPE donors on the work of Poverty Eradication Initiative in Pakistan, including meeting the challenges presented by COVID-19.


Jessica shares key insights into how Hospital Albert Schweitzer is meeting the COVID-19 challenge among struggling families in Haiti.


Konbit Sante is addressing the direct and indirect impact of COVID-19 in northern Haiti and Nate shares how they're acheiving success for the most vulnerable.



HOPE In The Philippines
"HOPE In The Philippines" features the powerful story of Indigenous Youth and their drive to make a difference in their communities. Following their dream that no Indigenous Person lives in poverty, this film chronicles the journey from impoverished community to thriving neighborhood.

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HOPE In Nepal
When a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal on April 25, 2015, HOPE International Development Agency responded quickly. Initial efforts included food, water and shelter. As the relief work wound down, efforts to help families rebuild their lives and communities ramped up. HOPE in Nepal highlights the strong bond formed between HOPE International Development Agency and the people of Nepal, telling the story of the ongoing need and the enormous potential of families in Nepal.

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HOPE Around the World
HOPE Around the World is an intimate portrayal of the dramatic transformation of three families. In a 'before and after" storytelling style, HOPE International donors are taken on a journey around the globe to witness how three families have grown over a one, two and three year period. In Ethiopia, Cambodia and Bangladesh the stories of these families demonstrate the incredible power of HOPE International's work around the world.

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Voices from Ethiopia
In Voices from Ethiopia, HOPE International Development Agency donors witness the intimate stories of families living with and without clean water. Two rural families in southern Ethiopia graciously invite cameras into their homes and share their personal stories with us.

Told through the voices of the families themselves, the dramatic contrast of the have and the have not comes through in a powerful yet hopeful way, as we witness the amazing transformative power of clean water.

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A Promise to Chan
When the HOPE cameras first met Chan, she and her children were living in desperate poverty in a tiny shack on a dusty piece of land, with no access to clean water, education, or healthcare. A Promise to Chan follows a young donor named Alison as she witnesses the amazing story of transformation that came once Chan's family had clean water readily available.

A Promise to Chan


HOPE In Bangladesh
In our film, HOPE in Bangladesh, John Ritchie takes you on a journey of discovery to some of the most remote areas of Bangladesh. During his time in Bangladesh, John encounters families living on the edge of survival, with none of their basic needs being met. John also meets families who have overcome poverty and are thriving, along with their communities.

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HOPE In The Dominican Republic
Through a single letter, the children of East Chilliwack Elementary School near Vancouver, Canada, ask questions about quality of life, family and opportunities for children in the Dominican Republic. The answers that come from two children tell the story of our work and the need in the Dominican Republic and around the world.

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HOPE In Haiti
Calvin Boldt, a father with a deep commitment to Haiti, travels back to Haiti with HOPE International Development Agency and witnesses the tremendous need, but also the overwhelming power of communities working together to lift themselves out of poverty.

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HOPE In The Congo
Journey with us through the northern Congo as we return for the first time since the war. Meet three inspiring local families and hear their stories of life, struggles of poverty, effects of war and the work of HOPE International Development Agency.

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A Thirst For Africa
In A Thirst For Africa, a HOPE International Development Agency donor travels to Ethiopia with his twelve-year old daughter. His daughter witnesses the extreme living conditions of some of the poorest people in the world, but together they also witness the life-changing gift of clean water.

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The Journey Of A Promise
The poorest families of Pursat, Cambodia have endured far more than we can imagine. Their journey toward self-reliance begins with clean water,and continues with education, improved food production, and the formation of groups of villagers committed to helping each other.

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Long Road Home
In Long Road Home, refugee families, many of whom have been exiled for decades, are returning home to South Sudan. You'll witness the transforming power of clean water, irrigation, agricultural training, education, and basic health care as refugee families rebuild their lives.

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Children Of Hope
In Children of Hope, a university student examines HOPE International Development Agency's work with orphans of AIDS in Addis Ababa. You'll meet the orphans, the sex workers, and the people working with them to improve their lives.

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