HOPE International Development Agency is a Canadian, non-profit organization which supports people-orientated projects in communities in need around the world. Our mission is to extend compassion to the neglected poor.

When war hit the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1998, all humanitarian groups were ordered out of the area, and we were forced to leave behind 20 years of successful development projects.

After more than five years of war, four million people were dead and those who survived were left with nothing. Belongings were stolen, livelihoods erased, and family members killed.

But out of years of suffering, peace has risen. The war is over and the Congolese people now have the immense challenge of rebuilding their broken lives. They are passionate, hard-working, beautiful people, and we return to help them move forward.

Journey with us through the northern Congo as we return for the first time since the war. Meet three inspiring local families and hear their stories of life, struggles of poverty, effects of war and the work of HOPE International Development Agency.

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