HOPE In The Domincan Republic

HOPE International Development Agency began working the Dominican Republic in the early 1980's. Through the years, development projects have included everything from clean water, to sustainable agriculture, to health care and education. As in every developing nation, there is still great need, but once projects and programs reach needy communities, families are emerging strong, vibrant and self-sufficient. The success achieved by families in the Dominican Republic is the yardstick by which HOPE International Development Agency's work around the world is measured.

At East Chilliwack Elementary School near Vancouver, Canada, students are learning at an early age the value of belonging to a global community and the importance of helping those in need around the world. In Every Child, these elementary school children have an opportunity to connect with their peers in the Dominican Republic. Through a single letter, written by the entire class, asking questions about quality of life, family and opportunities - the answers that come from two children tells the story of HOPE International Development Agency's work and the on-going need in the Dominican Republic and around the world.

There is no purer view of the world than through the eyes of a child. For 12 year old Pablo, life is difficult and painful. He is a sick child, yet his days are spent collecting water, searching for food and helping his family survive. But for 10 year old Gabriela, it's a very different picture. She goes to school and has access to clean water, health care and abundant food. Gabriela's future is bright. In Every Child, Pablo and Gabriela reveal the dramatic contrast between their lives, but they also demonstrate hope and inspiration for children around the world.

You can help
The journey towards self-reliance begins with clean water, education, health care, and income-earning skills training. A gift of $50, $75, $100, or more, will help provide the assistance families need in order to become self-reliant.

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