You can give the world's poorest people good health.

Every year HOPE International Development Agency donors support between 50 to 65 initiatives in as many as 20 countries worldwide, many of which give people access to health care, medicine, and medical supplies.

You can give to support these featured initiatives or you can give to where most needed at this time within our health efforts.

Honduras, Haiti, Dominican Republic

Donate to provide medical supplies to 50 patients

Under-resourced health centers in rural areas throughout Honduras, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic struggle to treat even the most minor of ailments. Doctors and nurses are often forced to send people away without the treatment they so desperately need.

In Honduras, for example, Maricela’s son, Alonzo, was fortunate. The health clinic near his community had been stocked by friends of HOPE International Development Agency. Alonzo received the medicine he needed in order to recover from a very serious bout of the flu. An earlier shipment of medicine and medical supplies provided enough medicine and medical supplies to stock health centers, rural health clinics, and community pharmacies serving a population of nearly 250,000 people living in 400 Honduran communities.

A more recent shipment of two massive transport containers full of medicines and medical supplies has enough medicine and medical supplies to help as many as 40,000 people, primarily children. The medicines and supplies include many clinic-based medicines, lots of over-the-counter medicines, and a wide range of vitamins that can be distributed amongst families in need. The vitamins are especially important, because 30% of Honduran children under the age of five are anemic.

You can provide medical supplies to 50 patients for just $125

Donate to where most needed and let us determine where best to use your donation among these and other health initiatives.

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