You can help the world's poorest people earn enough income.

Every year HOPE International Development Agency donors support between 50 to 65 initiatives in as many as 20 countries worldwide, many of which give people access to ways of increasing their income and becoming self-reliant.

You can give to support these featured initiatives or you can give to where most needed at this time within our income generation efforts.


Donate to help a woman transform her family and comunity

Self-help groups are playing a crucial role in providing women like Elfinish with opportunities to create positive change in their lives and their communities. The knowledge, resources, and confidence gained through participation in self-help groups creates a thriving community-based economy driven by women who are determined to transform, for the better, their families and their communities.

Before joining the group, Elfinish did not have the knowledge or resources needed to improve her family’s quality of life. After receiving training and a small loan from the group’s loan savings fund, Elfinish opened a small shop attached to her home, selling tea and small household items. Inspired by her success, Elfinish then invested her profit back into her business and purchased a sewing machine which she uses to create beautiful dresses and other clothing that she sells at the market and shop.

It costs $150 to provide all of the support and training a mother needs in order to transform her familys life. Whatever you can give to help will be gratefully received. .

Sri Lanka

Donate to help a parent with a disability restore their self-esteem and become self-reliant.

If you’re poor, life is hard. If you’re poor and disabled, life is almost impossible.

You can help people overcome their disabilities and create self-reliant lifestyles for themselves and their families.

Your gift rescues people with disabilities and their families by helping them establish family-run dairy operations and other small businesses that generate the income families need in order to become and remain self-reliant.

An added benefit of your gift is what it does to strengthen communities. Every family that receives training passes along the training to other families who need help. Every family who receives a dairy cow passes along the first-born calf to another family wanting to start a dairy operation. Your gift keeps giving for months and years to come!

A gift of $45 will help women and men with disabilities create self-sustaining livelihoods in four communities within Nedunkerny, in northern Sri Lanka.

You can help parents with disabilities become self-reliant for just $45.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Donate to help families grow more food and earn enough income to become self-reliant

Farming families in the Ubangi region of Africa’s Democratic Republic of Congo have been through a lot lately.

A difficult growing season, and fear caused by Ebola as it spread across West Africa, made life very difficult this past year. Yet despite the difficulties, the families thrived - growing nearly five times more corn than usual because of the training, tools, seeds, and other support they’ve received.

A recent event, however, has shaken their confidence. A catastrophic barge accident, caused by a massive windstorm, sent one-third of their hard-earned corn harvest to the bottom of the Congo River. Had the corn reached its destination it would have earned the families four times more than if sold locally.

You can help these families recover from their loss, increase the amount of corn they plant and harvest, and significantly increase their income this year.

A portion of your gift helps provide low interest loans, immediately after harvest, to cover the cost of transporting some of the corn to the big markets where it fetches four times as much money as it does at local markets. The corn that isn’t transported to the big markets is sold in local markets or kept for personal consumption, ensuring that the community and families benefit locally as well.

Growing and selling more corn, at a fair but higher price, is crucial to the success of families in Ubangi as they work their way out of poverty.

You can help enable a family become self-reliant for just $60.

Dominican Republic

Donate to help a family become self-reliant

In addition to restoring and sustaining people's health through medical care, health education, disease prevention, and medicines, we’re helping families in the Dominican Republic generate income that will enable them to be self-reliant.

In the long run, everything hinges on families being able to support themselves by earning a livable wage. The journey towards self-reliance begins with clean water, education, health care, and income-earning skills training, all of which have the power to completely transform families and their communities.


Donate to where most needed and let us determine where best to use your donation among these and other income initiatives

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