You can help the world's poorest people learn.

Every year HOPE International Development Agency donors support between 50 to 65 initiatives in as many as 20 countries worldwide, many of which give people access to skills training and education that enable them to become self-reliant.

You can give to support these featured initiatives or you can give to where most needed at this time within our learning efforts.

The Philippines

Donate to help educate a child

If children are not able to attend school, they fall behind and are destined for a life of poverty. An education is one of the best ways to ensure that children have opportunities to begin their journey out of poverty at a young age. This is especially true for indigenous children in the Philippines who, along with their families, live on the margins of society.

Indigenous families and their children live on the margins of Philippine society. They suffer because they lack the basic necessities of life, such as clean water, healthcare, education, and livelihood opportunities.

HOPE International Development Agency is addressing these needs through spring capping to create clean water supplies, agricultural training to help farmers grow more food, and livelihood support to establish a means of family income – all of which transform the health of children.

Transforming the minds of children is equally important, especially when we see the opportunities an education can create.

“Every school year did not only bring me closer to my dream, but also blessed me with meaningful insights and experiences. I treasure all these memories in my heart. They are a source of strength and joy as I begin a new way of participating in the task of building communities and my beloved country,” says Michelle, a young person who has transformed her life through education funded by friends of HOPE.

You can help send 1 child to school for just $45.


Donate to help ensure that a child stays in school and a young person receives the job skills training they need

Of every 200 children who start school in Pueblo Libre, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Peru, only 17 will go on to graduate. It’s not easy to learn when you’re the first generation in your family to go to school. It's hard for parents of schoolchildren too. They have a difficult time supporting their children, having never been to school themselves.

The situation is equally challenging for young people who are getting close to entering the workforce. Finding a job with a livable wage is next to impossible if you don’t have some form of education or job skills training.

You can help children receive tutoring twice a week to ensure that they understand what is being taught and are able to apply what they''re learning. School supplies, such as notebooks, pencils, and paper are provided. A portion of your donation will be used to teach parents the value of education, and show them how to support their child throughout their school years. You can also help young people receive the job skills training they need.

Donate $50 or $80 and help ensure a child stays in school and a young person receives the job skills training they need.


The Philippines

Donate to help rescue a child from the streets

This year, more than 60,000 children will be trafficked in the sex trade in Philippine towns and major centers like Cebu City.

We’ve made great strides in helping families and their children free themselves from poverty throughout the Philippines, but the focus of this work is to rescue children that poverty claimed well before we could reach them and their families.

You rescue a children from the streets and provide them with an education that gives them the opportunity to learn their way out of poverty and become free from the child trafficking that has stolen much of their childhood. Counselling is also provided and where appropriate, skills training that will enable them to earn livable income.

You can rescue a child from the streets for as little as $65.


Donate to where most needed and let us determine where best to use your donation among these and other learning initiatives.

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