Be the Change You Want to See by Volunteering

Join our work in the developing world by becoming a volunteer with our Understanding Needs In Other Nations (UNION) educational program. You’ll experience poverty, struggle, development and hope alongside those in the developing world, and explore your place in the world to respond.

Southern Ethiopia: 2021

Next year, depending on international travel recommendations, we will be travelling to southern Ethiopia to visit communities who are facing great challenges, and witness as they continue on their journey towards self reliance.

During this trip we will observe communities on the cusp of life-transforming change as they build water systems and plant crops that will help break the cycle of poverty. We will meet the members of our women's Self Help Groups and learn what they are doing to change their families future. We will sit with single moms, working husbands, orphaned children and entire families to hear their stories of triumph, and their stories of poverty.

If you are interested in joining us, leave your email below and we will be in touch with more information about dates and cost. Lives are changing in Ethiopia, this is your opportunity to witness this change, and participate in its lasting effect.

Learn and serve

Practical work or overseas experience is not necessary - a desire to learn, to serve, and to encourage people is!

As a UNION volunteer, you’ll learn about poverty, community development, crossing cultural boundaries, and language – critical issues that will help make you a welcomed, adaptable, and effective volunteer- prior to ever boarding the plane. Then, equipped through a tailored curriculum about the unique issues and culture that you will encounter, you’ll spend three to four weeks with your team in a rural communities across the country. Volunteers are often involved with hands-on activities like clean water projects, school construction, and agriculture, working side-by-side with people making their way out of poverty. In so doing, you will gain a deeper understanding of the needs of the poor, and how you can partner with them to make a lasting difference.

What former UNION volunteers say about their experience

“I am grateful for the experience of a lifetime. I have learned a great deal about happiness. This experience opened my eyes to struggle.”
Dominican Republic team volunteer

“UNION is the difference between being a tourist and being a friend”
Cambodia team volunteer

“Experiences such as these raise our awareness to the poverty and injustice that exists in the world. I am determined not to forget what I have learned”
Dominican Republic volunteer

"I am extremely grateful to have been able to experience first-hand the positive impacts of development, to have an optimistic view that things can and are improving."
Ethiopia team volunteer

Interested in a UNION experience?

Contact us at 604-525-5481 (local) or 1-866-525-4673 (toll-free)